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Safe and Affordable Anesthesia at Your Doorstep

Today, anesthesia is an indispensable part of surgeries and every other medical procedure, but it can be expensive, both for the patient and the medical center that needs to use it for procedures.

Whether you’re running a startup clinic or a medical office, you need to be able to offer affordable treatments and procedures without sacrificing your potential for earnings.  Mobile anesthesia is a cost-effective solution for physicians looking to increase revenue and deliver extensive services to their patients.

The benefits of using office based anesthesia also extend to the quality of care you provide your patients. Patients naturally would prefer to undergo procedures in a familiar setting, your office.  A hospital might not be able to provide your patient with the kind of bedside manner and personal attention you are able to give.  By performing the surgery in your own facility, you’ll be able to look after your patients. Your patients will not only save money, but will also feel more comfortable.

Many offices usually refer patients to hospitals for more complex procedures because they lack the equipment and staff to handle certain surgeries.  With Cloud Anesthesia, you can perform these procedures in your office instead of having a hospital take over your patient’s care. 

Office Based Surgery is the fastest growing sector in the outpatient surgery market.  It is being driven by economic pressures on many fronts.  It offers many benefits to surgeons, patients and insurance companies.  Its biggest challenges, however, are providing the same safety, quality and compliance standards that are upheld in ASC’s and hospitals settings.

Cloud Anesthesia provides a comprehensive anesthesia service that brings all the standards of the hospital and ASC to your office.